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Community Wellness Workshop Retreats

It's time to get your WELL-cation on!  Call us at (517) 221-9522 to get your ticket now. Limited seats available.

Upcoming Well-cations

Topic: Mindful Meditation Retreat

Description TBD










 You must register and pay at least 1 week prior to the workshop


If less than 5 people register the workshop will be cancelled and refunds issued.


Space is limited to 10 people


lunch, beverages and supplies are included in price


Workshops are held in the office. Please show up by 1/2 hour early to get signed in and settled


Well-cation Workshops

Feel underwhelmed in life? Looking for life or self-improvement? Need a break away, but want to make it worthwhile and not just another lazy day? Don't want to do long term counseling, but still want to learn some skills or address an issue? Sounds like you need a WELL-cation!

These workshops are great mini-escapes to nurture and feed your soul, emotions, and mind. They can give you the opportunity to develop self-awareness and new skills sets without having to delve into your entire history or do long, tedious therapy.

Come and take a WELL-cation with us!

How it Works & Topics

WELL-cation Workshops focus on a single topic for the duration and have education, experiential activities, and processing components.

Several different workshops will be offered throughout the year focusing on such issues as:

* Leadership

* Life Balance

* Empowered and Effective Living

* Developing Our Authentic Selves

* Raising Connected Children

* Breaking Free of Trauma

* Mindfulness Meditation Retreats

* Navigating the Losses in Our Lives

* Unchaining Anxiety

* Breaking Relationship Cycles

* Being an Effective Communicator

....and more....

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