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Fees - It's Time to Invest in Yourself

Private (Self) Pay Agency

I am a private (self) pay agency and do not take or bill insurance at this time.  I do offer:

  • Competitive rates

  • Limited number of reduced fee spots

  • Cash, check, and cards accepted - in person

  • Telehealth - only card payments accepted

The Benefits of Self Pay

1. Anyone can get services - Unlike insurance companies, I will not deny you services because you do (or don't) have a mental health diagnosis.

2. Treatment Control - Unlike insurance companies, I allow you to choose how little, how much, and what type of services you receive without needing pre-approval. You can change your services at any time.

3. Information Control - You get to be in charge of your private therapy information (e.g. assessment and treatment plans), not the insurance companies.

4. A focus on you rather than charts - With insurance companies its more about the charts and less about you. They put a priority on how we document and justify treatment. In private pay, I just get to do what I do best, focus on you instead of treating the charts.

Fee Schedule

Please talk with me if cost is a financial burden. Let's try not to let money stop you from getting the help you need (yearly cost estimates are listed at the bottom of this page). Costs per hour are for up to an hour. No incremental billing.


$200 -Initial Session

$135/hr - Individual Therapy Session

$200/hr - Couples or Family Therapy

$50/grp - Meditation Group Session

$225/eval - Substance Abuse Evaluation

$275/eval - SOS Substance Abuse Evaluation

$100-250/wkshp-  WELL-cation Workshop

Other  Associated Costs

Full Session Cost - Less than 24 hr notice cancelled or missed appointment fee


Up to $50 per copy - document requests


$135/hr - Court, subpoenas, testimony, meetings etc...


*ERP modality, home visits, and other services may incur additional costs not listed here.

*Costs are subject to change. If they change, current clients will be provided a new GFE and ample notice of 1 month before new rates go into effect. All new clients will have the new rates.

Good Faith Estimates (GFE's)

Good Faith Estimates (GFE's) are federally required  estimates of your final bill for private pay clients based on expected services​ and provide client financial protection through cost transparency.

You may contact us at any time to receive a GFE, otherwise one will be provided when you schedule your first appointment, when you change your service frequency or types, and/or yearly.

How GFE's Protect Clients

If your final bill is higher than your most recent good faith estimates by over $400 you may contact the health provider to negotiate or you may  dispute the bill by contacting or calling 1-800-985-3059 within 120 days of the final bill.

Yearly Cost Estimates

Below are example costs for one year of services based on the STANDARD (non-reduced) fees. Your actual costs may vary based on your specific circumstances and will be reflected in a personal GFE. These do NOT include extraneous costs that clients can control such as missed appointment fees, documentation requests, or costs for court.

Individual, Family or Couples


$7220 - Intake and once weekly individual (52/yr)


Couples or Family

$10,600 - Intake and once weekly session


$5400 - Intake and every other week session

Group and Group Combination

$2600 - Weekly group only (52/yr)
$9820 - Intake, weekly group, and weekly individual (52/yr)

Substance Abuse Evaluations


$225 - One per year

$450 - Two per year



Secretary of State (SOS)

$275 - One per year

$550 - Two per year



$100-250 - One per year

$200-500 - Two per year

$300-750 - Three per year

$400-1000 - Four per year

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