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Approach and Beliefs About Therapy

4 Pillars of Good Therapy

A good fit -  With a therapeutic foundation built on safety, integrity, mutual trust, teamwork, and connection, a good fit eases the difficult work.

Inviting and warm- No cold professionalism here. Therapy is about opening up and sharing. We do this best when the space is inviting and warm. So, I have a  relatable, dynamic, easy going, and "get cozy" approach. Why don't you kick off your shoes and let's chat. Seriously, I never imagined clients would make themselves to home, but alas, the ottoman, low lighting, rocking chair, and my snack and beverage nook tend to let clients settle in for the therapy work easily.

Individual care - While most clients don't care about the specific approaches and techniques I use, I still want you to know, they are seamlessly picked, combined and tailored to you. We work together to create a personalized plan that fits you. Your on-going feedback helps me make sure sessions are beneficial. If something isn't working well, we can adjust as needed.

Engaging sessions - You will never get bored. Some days  I may lead, other days you will. You may laugh, cry, get angry, dig deep, be challenged, just talk, do activities, or even sit in silence. Sessions are designed to be thought provoking, dynamic, and engaging so that you can get the most from therapy.

Therapy Tasks

Your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health is just like a house. It needs upkeep to look and function at it's best. Some tasks to keep up you health may be:
  • Just sit and breathe
  • Be able to express yourself and be heard

  • Let go, heal wounds, free self from burdens

  • Redirect and gain clarity

  • Develop new skills

  • Become more effective, better manage life

  • Process and work through struggles or concerns

  • Stabilize and improve relationships

  • Reconnect with, and learn more about, yourself

  • Accept and embrace who you truly are

  • Identify and meet your needs more adaptively

  • Develop grit, determination, bounce back

  • Strengthen hope, value, worth

  • Create meaning, find purpose, develop passions

  • Develop life-balance and wellness

  • Or something else not listed here

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