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Deciding to come to Therapy


Counseling is for All

Everyone deserves to have someone who is there just for them - a person who can offer support, guidance, assistance and direction in healing, help us grow. be a teammate, help us face our reality, and be a sounding board.


Simply put, counseling  is not just a place to treat mental illness, it is a whole life experience to create, manage, maintain and enhance health, life and purpose. It is something everyone deserves to have in their lives no matter their mental health status (stable/unstable, diagnosis/no diagnosis), background, journey, or stage in life.

Therapy can Help

  • When we aren't coping well or doing our best

  • When we want to "level up"
  • When we are struggling in our relationships
  • When we don't feel like our-self anymore
  • When we feel stuck or things feel out of control
  • When we notice we are tired or burned out
  • When we notice we are crying a lot or sad
  • When our sleep is messed up
  • When building personal or professional growth
  • When we want more out of life
  • When we want to make a change
  • When we don't know where to start
  • When we just "aren't sure" and "don't know"
  • And more...

You are Seen

I know you are worthy of better and more than the struggles that you are currently dealing with. But you do not have to do this alone. Therapy is not self-help and so, we approach whatever you got going on together. I will walk through this journey with you, every step of the way.


Together, we will get you unstuck, reduce and heal the distress that brings you here. and empower and strengthen you so that you can gain satisfaction in, and control over, your life; reclaiming it once and for all!

Pillars and Tasks of Therapy


My 4 Pillars of Therapy

A solid therapeutic relationship -  With a focus on fostering a therapeutic foundation built on safety, integrity, mutual trust, teamwork, and connection, a good fit eases the difficult work.

Relatable warmth, ease, and comfort - It's like spending time with a confidant. This means, I sit on a couch and kick off my shoes too. I provide a well stocked beverage and snack nook, keep several pillows and soft blankets within reach, and we chat like normal people instead of rigid cold professionalism.

Individual personalized care - While I'm always authentically me, the approaches and techniques I use are combined and tailored to you. We work together to create a plan that fits your unique situation and personality best. Your on-going feedback helps me make sure sessions are beneficial. I'm willing to adjust approaches, techniques, and style if needed within my professional scope and abilities.

Engaging sessions - You won't get bored here. I will counsel, teach, guide, listen to, and support you. You may laugh, cry, get angry, dig deep, be challenged, have days where we watch video clips, do in-session exercises, meditate, or even sit in silence so you can just breathe. It all depends on what you need. But no matter what, the sessions are never boring and hopefully they don't feel like too much "work".

Therapy Tasks

Your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health is just like a house. It needs upkeep to look and function at it's best. Some tasks in your therapy house might be to:
  • Just sit and breathe
  • Be able to express yourself and be heard

  • Let go and free yourself of burdens

  • Redirect and gain clarity

  • Develop new skills

  • Become more effective and better manage life

  • Process and work through struggles or concerns

  • Stabilize and improve relationships

  • Reconnect with, and learn more about, yourself

  • Accept and embrace who you truly are

  • Identify and meet your needs in more adaptive ways

  • Develop grit, determination, or bounce back

  • Strengthen hope, value, and worth

  • Create meaning, find purpose, or develop passions

  • Develop life-balance and wellness

  • Or more...

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