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Something is off Balance

Currently you have a lot going on and life is not aligning with what you want, need, or expect. Perhaps you are struggling to navigate your emotions, cope with challenges, or connect with others effectively. Maybe life became messy. Perhaps relationships are strained or fell away. Things may feel burdensome, exhausting, or dull. You may be experiencing detachment, stagnation, heightened emotions or even disorganization. Clearly, something is off balance and what you have tried isn't working well.

Create Intentional Living with Therapy

When we feel unsettled or at the mercy of our emotions, relationships, or circumstances, having someone to lend an ear, offer support, provide guidance, and impart wisdom becomes invaluable. This is precisely where counseling steps in. It's not merely about addressing mental illness, disorder, or crises; rather, it serves as a dedicated sanctuary where you can receive undivided attention, tailored assistance, and holistic guidance to nurture, enhance, and fortify your overall well-being, existence, and sense of purpose. Therapy does this by providing an absolute safe, judgement free zone where you can be open, real, and raw. It's a refuge for healing, personal growth, and self-discovery so you can reclaim your life with clarity, intention and resolve.

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How I will Help

The cornerstone of good therapy lies in finding the right fit that resonates with you. To foster this, I prioritize avoiding the overly formal and distant aspects often associated with therapy. Instead, I opt for an approach that's easygoing, relaxed, and relatable, allowing us to sit together comfortably.


By incorporating engaging, thought-provoking sessions and offering personalized, integrative, and flexible care, I aim to support you in navigating the challenges of therapy in a way that feels more approachable and accessible.

Together, we'll explore holistic (mind/body) and practical ways to better recognize, understand, express, and tackle your challenges. With a focus on education, insight, processing, and technique building, you will regain control of your life with newfound confidence, thereby enabling you to move forward with renewed energy, focus, and purpose.

The 4 Pillars of Great Therapy

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