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Substance Abuse Evaluations

“Evaluate and assess your life on the daily”

- Sunday Adelaja -

Are you involved with the legal system because of drinking and driving or a drug use charge? Is your employer concerned about you using drugs or being impaired while working?  Is CPS or DHS involved with your family and are they requesting a substance abuse evaluation? If so, you have come to the right place.

I have over a decade of experience conducting substance abuse evaluations and substance abuse treatment. I am a Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CAADC) in the State of Michigan and a Certified Clinical Supervisor for addictions counselors. I provide, quick, thorough, and accurate substance abuse evaluations across all of Michigan.


Call (517) 221-9522 to schedule your evaluation. Let's chat.


What it is and Things to Know

What it is -These are one-time, one-hour, substance abuse specific evaluations to provide substance abuse (and occasionally mental health) diagnostic information and treatment recommendations for clients to agencies or providers, per request.


Fees - Standard cost is $225. Insurance does not cover these one time assessments. Fees are due by cash, check, or card the day the evaluation is being rendered. There are no refunds.


Completion Timeline - Please allow 1-2 weeks for your evaluation to be typed up and sent to your referring agency or provider. I DO NOT provide expedited evaluations.


Release forms - Must be signed for the agency requesting the evaluation as it will be sent directly to them.


Recommendations - Evaluations may come with a recommendation for treatment. If you are recommended for services you may request them with me or seek out alternative treatment agencies.


No Guarantees - I cannot guarantee your diagnosis, treatment recommendation, or evaluation outcome.


Late Fees - You are allowed 2 reschedules before I refer you elsewhere. BE AWARE, there is a late cancel/no show/showed up under the influence cost for any appointment unable to be kept without at least a 24 hour notice. There is a full session rate of $225 per missed evaluation.

How it Works

Once you have arrived, we will address payment. Then, I will review and have you sign consents and releases.

The evaluation is a shortened version of our full assessment interview but covers all major areas of your life, with a primary focus on substance use and mental health.

You will be given at least 2 substance use screening tools

These evaluations are solely to make basic diagnostic and treatment recommendations in regards to your substance use.

I can only be as accurate as my clients are with me and am not responsible for recommendations resulting from falsely or inaccurately provided information.

You will have time to ask questions and to tell your side about what happened that got you in your current situation.

DSM5 and ASAM - I utilize the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual Version 5 - Text Revision (DSM5-TR) for diagnostic impressions and the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) placement criteria for determining treatment recommendations.

Drug Screens - You may be asked to take a urine or oral drug screen while on premise. If so, the results and/or your willingness to take the screens, will be noted in your evaluation to be submitted to the referring agency or person.

Call (517) 221-9522 now to schedule the most relaxed and down to earth evaluation you will ever have!

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