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Couples and Family Therapy

Couples and families often have special needs that individual therapy does not. Mostly, this has to do with the complexity of increased relationship dynamics at play. I utilize integrative, systems, strength-based, attachment and emotion focused therapies to help you navigate, clarify, and improve these relationships.

During the initial session we will review policies and sign consents, discuss what brings you in, discuss desired goal outcomes, and possibly complete an evaluation or assessment. You will have ample time during the first session to share concerns, and work with me to begin to create a plan of action to resolve the concerns that bring you in.

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Couples Therapy

Couples come to therapy for a variety of reasons. We want to remember, there is no "bad" person, just maladaptive behaviors, thoughts, and emotions or even differences in style or approach that need to be worked through and resolved for a better functioning individual as well as couples system.

So, I work with couples/partners to help you recognize and resolve those maladapative personal identities and past histories that you may be bringing into the relationship, help you navigate relationship core values, and heal and address issues in the current relationship so that decisions regarding commitment can be made, and so that the relationship (and individuals) can come out stronger and more defined, with increased balance, and a shared future direction.


Standard Costs: $200 per session

Reduced Fees Available - Just Ask!

How I see Relationships

More than anything, I found a wonderful quote many years ago that resonates with how I look at all kinds of relationships.

"I am me

You are you

We are we, together"


"I can grow

You can grow

We can grow together"

This simply means that each person, as well as the relationship(s) itself, comes with unique backgrounds, beliefs, personalities, values, understandings, and behaviors.

We cannot work with one part without working on all parts.

Family therapy

Family therapy means navigating a more complex system with more values, beliefs, personalities, and behaviors. With the uniqueness of individuals working in a family system, it is no wonder that conflicts, misunderstandings, and differences occur at various times.

So, my work with families is to help you each develop an understanding of what is and is not working, understand how each person brings differing values, beliefs, personalities and behaviors into the family system, help you navigate and problem solve through those conflicting differences, and heal family wounds, in order to create a shared family value and direction, and strengthen the individuals as well as the family system as a whole.


Remember, family therapy is about building and strengthening, so I don't focus on a "problem" person but instead recognize that people come together with unique histories, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. This way, we focus on working together and building the family team.


Standard Costs: $200 per session

Reduced Fees Available - Just Ask!

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