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Couples, Relationship, and Family Therapy

Couples, relationships, and families often have special needs that individual therapy does not, mostly due to the complexity of increased interpersonal dynamics at play. In considering this, I approach couples, relationship, and family therapy with an integrative, systems and strength based, attachment, and emotion focused lens to help you navigate, clarify, and improve these connections.

During the initial session we will review policies and sign consents, discuss what brings you in, discuss desired goal outcomes, and possibly complete an evaluation or assessment. You will have ample time to share concerns, and work with me to begin to create a plan of action to resolve the concerns that bring you in.

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Couple Meditating

Couples, Relationships, and Marriage

For couples, relationships, and marriage, it's all about blending into a single unit without losing the individual self. But let's face it, life throws curveballs, and they don't just affect us individually—they affect our relationships too. That's where I come in. I'm here to help you and your partner(s) untangle the stuff you're bringing from your own histories and work through any bumps in the road you're facing, together. We'll dig into what really matters to you, navigate and mend any rifts, and pave the way for a stronger, more focused future both individually and together.

* Standard Costs: $200 per Session
* Reduced Fees Available as Low as $125 per Sessions

Issues that often arise in relationship counseling may include:






Conflict and Discord





Extended Family

Family Planning

Mental Health

Parenting Difficulties

Poly and Kink

Premarital Counseling

Role Expectations





…And More…

Financial Considerations


Future Direction

Goals and Growth



Health Concerns




Life Transitions

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Female Family Members


When it comes to working with families, there's a whole mix of relationships, spanning different generations and backgrounds. Each one is important, complex, and totally unique. The bonds we form within our families shape us for life, but sometimes those bonds get strained. Whether it's conflicts, old wounds, or just life getting in the way, you're ready to move forward.


So, let's tackle this together. We'll dive into the dynamics of your family, figuring out what's causing those stuck spots and using everyone's strengths to move forward. I'm here to offer guidance, support, and practical techniques to help you heal from past hurts, navigate parenting challenges, mend misunderstandings, and deal with any other stresses impacting your family. Let's embark on this journey together, weaving a path towards healing and growth. Together, we can strengthen the love and connection within your family unit.

* Standard Costs: $200 per Session
* Reduced Fees as Low as $125 per session

Blended Families


Childhood Wounds



Distance and Estrangement

Family Stages

Health Challenges

Parent Skill Training

Roles and Expectations

Spirituality and Traditions

...And More

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