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Guided Mindfulness Meditation Practice and Skills Group


* Struggling with stress or anxiety

* Feeling judgemental and critical

* Feeling you don't know who you are

* Struggling to relax

* Out of touch with your mind or body

* Feeling confused or lost

* Stuck in racing thoughts

* Unable to detach


MINDFULNESS - is about being completely present and savoring the moment or situation for exactly what it is, being present without judgement.


MEDITATION - is the act of going inside one's self, contemplating, and becoming aware.


TOGETHER - mindfulness meditation teaches one to utilize the mind to go inside and notice experiences, emotions, and be, just as we are, with no judgement or preconceptions.

Developed for all experience levels, this group is beloved by hundreds of former and current clients. I have been told that I have the perfect calm voice to transport you within yourself and guide you like no other. Clients find this group extremely helpful and residential clients asked for this group all the time!
* Increased well-being
* Increased stress tolerance
* Reduced heart rate
* Reduced blood pressure
* Reduced emotional reactivity
* Improved insight
* Improved self-awareness
* A stronger self-identity
* Improved self-esteem
* Improved grounding and focus
* Improved life managements
* Being able to "let go" and detach
* Easier ability to relax

It's time to get reflective! Call (517) 221-9522 to schedule!

Topics of Focus

These are closed groups that will follow a specific curriculum.


The first week clients will learn about meditation and mindfulness. In the weeks that follow, I provide guided exercises that cover:


* Grounding and Centering

* Body Scanning and Check-in

* Self-Identity and Self-Awareness

* Stress Management

* Relaxation

* Thought Observation

* Non Judgement

* Developing Attention


...and more...

How it Works

During the first group session, all clients will sign releases and consents, fee agreements, and learn about the program.


Meditation groups meet for about one hour weekly to learn about (and practice) mindfulness and meditation. The group is small  (5-10) so that each individual can get hands on instruction as needed.


Meditation costs are $50/group session.

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