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Therapy for Therapists and Professionals

* Other people/coworkers just don't get you

* Your career means maintaining a set image

* Worried what therapy means for your career

* Therapy needs to be discreet and not affect your career

* Micro-managing everything and everyone

* Struggling to balance it all, overwhelmed, over scheduled

* Have to be "Super-Human"

* Never get down time

* Feel alone or misunderstood

* Burned out with work

* Stressed at home

* Messed up priorities, don't know your next step

Sound Familiar?

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* Can't separate home and work

* Anxieties, depression, mood swings

* Self-esteem and "I'm not good enough" issues

* Imposter syndrome

* Feel like you don't belong at home

* Considering a career change

* Trying to figure out your next career move

* Harassed, alienated, or stereotyped

* Hit a glass ceiling

* Simply unsatisfied or lost your passion

* Struggling with the other people at work or in your career

* Compassion fatigue has set in

"Don't confuse having a career with having a life."

- Hillary Rodham Clinton -

What is Therapy for Therapists and Professionals?

This service, or rather, approach, is traditional, wellness, and strength-based therapy that focuses on a range of issues that therapists and other professionals face along their career and personal pathways, with a therapist that understands the complexity of navigating a career and a life outside of the office.

The Best Parts

* You dictate treatment, not your insurance company

* It's confidential and discreet - no one needs to know

* It won't adversely impact your employment

* It helps you smooth out the edges between work and home

* You are talking with a therapist who gets "IT" and gets you

There's no better time to schedule than now (517) 221-9522

Treatment Focus

My extensive training and certification in supervision along with strength-based positive psychology, mindfulness, and cognitive behavioral therapies have allowed me to create a specific niche designed with therapists and the career professional in mind. In this approach, you and I will focus on such issues as:

* Regular Therapy

* Self-Esteem

* Work-Life Balance

* Self-Identity (move beyond your career role)

* Imposter Syndrome

* Compassion Fatigue

* Performance and Other Anxieties

* Lifestyle Changes (create your best life)

* Improving Leadership Skills

* Women in Work (break the glass ceiling)

* Harassment

* Older Adults in the Workforce

* Stepping Back from the Workforce/Retiring

* And so much more...

Career Counseling Assessments are also available.

Types of Treatment

As a therapist or professional, you come to session with a unique set of issues focused on a career and the impacts to and from the rest of  your life.

With that in mind, I have created focused services geared specifically toward the adult working professional:

Individual Sessions-$135/hr

Couples and Family Sessions - $200/hr

Group therapy -$50/grp

Mindful Meditation groups -$50/grp

Workshops - $150-250/wrkshp

All other aspects of therapy are the same, but with a mindful focus toward your career pathway and it's implications on, and in, your life.

Session rates are the same as for regular clients.

What it Looks Like

Just like individual and group therapy for the non-professional, you will complete an intake session focusing on consents, release forms, an assessment, and determination of fit.

Your second individual session we develop a plan of action to address your issues and concerns.

The rest of the sessions are geared toward completing your plan and can be set up however you would like. These sessions are all about you, and for you, and can be completed in individual, couples, or group format.

You may also take part in any of my wellness (WELL-cation) workshops or meditation groups. Therapy groups for the professional are focused on leadership and other professional specific issues.

Contact me now at (517) 221-9522 if you are ready ​to become confident and inspired

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