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Group Therapy

“There are many ways of getting strong, sometimes talking is the best way.”

- Andre Agassi -

"Wash the brain. Take it out, clean it. What doesn’t belong there, throw it away.”

- Sandra Bullock -

Do you find that you want feedback and support from multiple people? Do you enjoy working or learning in groups? Are you focused primarily on building skills or on a certain topic? Group therapy might just be for you.

Unlike individual sessions, group therapy provides the opportunity for 5-10 people and the therapist to get together to address issues, process, learn, and build skills. It's a great place to try out skills before applying them "in real life" and provides more than just one additional viewpoint.

There are often group exercises that will get you thinking or moving or practicing skills in a way that individual therapy does not. Group therapy encompasses specific topics or sets of issues. These groups may have a "topic of the day" as you progress through the program but sessions are client focused and based on your needs.


If group therapy sounds like it is for you, call us at (517) 221-9522

Group Focus

Shanty runs one group per week. Group focus topics will vary depending on the type of group. These group types include the following:

* Emotion Management

* Self-Improvement

* Leadership

* Developing Work/Life Balance

* Effective Living and Problem Solving

* Managing Losses

* Developing Healthy Relationships

.....and more.....

The Way it Works

All clients must complete the initial (Intake) session covering consents, releases, evaluation, and discussing therapeutic fit and group rules.

All clients in group therapy must attend ONE individual session monthly at a minimum. This is where we will develop your action plan and make sure that you are on the right track.

Groups are weekly and the charge is $50 per group. They are therapist facilitated and while there are general topic schedules, client issues drive session focus.

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