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Therapy, support, and empowerment along the journey to reclaim your life.

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Why Evergreen

Here at Evergreen Counseling and Wellness, I provide you with a safe, supportive, and engaging space so that you can plant your roots, get grounded, and then breathe, heal, and grow into your true self, just like the evergreens.

Free Consultations

Usually, 10-15 minutes in length, so that we can determine if we are a good fit, finalize fee plans, and answer your questions.

Upcoming Workshop


Financial at a Glance

  • Competitive rates

  • No insurance taken or billed

  • Private (self) pay agency

  • Reduced fee options

  • Please ask for more information and to see if you qualify for post payment reimbursement through out-of-network benefit usage.

In-Person and Telehealth Options


Traditional Services

Traditional, holistic, affirming, and integrative therapy focused on supporting and guiding you along your journey. A place where we will work together so you can be heard and express yourself, learn about and work through issues, develop new tools, and create healthier habits in order to reclaim your best life.

Wellness Services

Educational and experiential services designed with a focus on strengthening wellness, enhancing life balance, creating purpose, and sustaining direction. Topics include:

  • Centering and stress management

  • Self identity, self-worth, and self-esteem

  • Conscious living to improve our lives

  • Navigating loss

  • Unchaining from anxiety

  • And more....

Evaluation Services

These one time evaluations seek to provide substance abuse (and occasional mental health) diagnosis, treatment recommendations, or prognosis for agencies such as employers, CPS, and courts, or for clients seeking out their driver's license reinstatement or appeal through the Secretary of State or court.

Celebrating Uniqueness with Safe, Affirming, and Inclusive Care


Gender, Intersex, Non-binary

Religious and Spiritually Diverse


Body Positive


Cancer or Illness



Aging and Geriatric

Single Parents

Sex Positive

Sex Worker

Kink Friendly

Open Relationships/Non-Monogamy

Little People




and more...

Call (517) 221-9522 to Schedule

The Mission

At Evergreen Counseling and Wellness, my mission is to provide counseling and wellness services in order to help people get unstuck, to heal, to grow, and to thrive; becoming more authentic and effective in their lives. 

The Vision

Evergreen Counseling and Wellness, LLC has a vision that everyone has the right and ability to become the best and truest versions of themselves. I want to contribute to, and be a part of, the journey, helping people heal and grow in their own lives and seeking to create a healthier future for everyone.

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