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Breathe ~ Heal ~ Grow

Providing therapy, support, and empowerment on your journey to reclaim your life.

In-Person and Telehealth Service Options

Call (517) 221-9522 to schedule

Free Phone Consultations

Usually, 10-15 minutes in length, so that we can determine if we are a good fit, finalize fee plans, and answer your questions.

Fee and Billing Information

  • Competitive rates

  • No insurance taken, billed, or accepted

  • Private (self) pay agency

  • Ask about reduced fee option availability

  • Cash, check, and cards accepted

  • Telehealth - only card payments accepted

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Why Evergreen?

Adaptive, strongly rooted,  and yet flexible, evergreens reach for the skies, standing tall all year round. They have a certain beauty and truth no matter their environment.


Evergreen landscapes vary from turbulent rocky cliff sides, to silent and serene winter plains. They tend to lend themselves to be places and sights of reflection and introspection, just like counseling.


So, I want to provide you with an evergreen atmosphere. That place where you can dig deep to plant your roots, have the opportunity to take a look around, gain peace in the chaos, and reach tall and steady into your true self; That place where you can simply breathe, heal, and grow.

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It's Y​our Mind

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.” - Buddha

It's Your Health

"An unhealthy mind, even in a healthy body, will ultimately destroy health. " - Manly Hall

It's Your Choice

"You have two choices; control your mind, or let your mind control you"  - Paulo Coelho

Call (517) 221-9522 to schedule


Therapy Services

Providing comprehensive, inclusive, professional, compassionate, and holistic therapy to help you address a range of issues including personal growth, grief, trauma, anxiety, OCD, phobias, life changes, stressors,  relationships, parenting skills, and more.

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Individual Therapy HERE

Couples and Family Therapy HERE

Career Professionals HERE


One-time substance abuse evaluations for  all clients referred by the courts other agencies, employers, family, or self.


One-time Secretary of State (SOS)  substances abuse evaluations for clients appealing for reinstatement of their drivers license.

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Substance Abuse Evaluation HERE

Secretary of State Evaluation HERE

Meditation Group

Guided mindful meditation group designed to develop self-awareness and skills for effectively managing life


Topics include centering and grounding, self-esteem, self-identity and self-awareness, stress reduction and management, relaxation and more. Beginner and advanced groups.

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Meditation Group HERE


One time, topic based. educational and experiential (mini or full day) workshops for all.


Topics include things such as: developing our authentic selves, connecting with our children, effective communication, breaking free of trauma, meditation retreats, leadership, and more.

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Wellness Workshops HERE

Call (517) 221-9522 to schedule

Celebrating Uniqueness with Safe, Affirming, and Inclusive Care


Gender, Intersex, Non-binary

Religious and Spiritually Diverse


Body Positive


Cancer or Illness



Aging and Geriatric

Single Parents

Sex Positive

Sex Worker

Kink Friendly

Open Relationships/Non-Monogamy

Little People




and more...

Call (517) 221-9522 to Schedule

The Mission

At Evergreen Counseling and Wellness, my mission is to provide counseling and wellness services in order to help people get unstuck, to heal, to grow, and to thrive; becoming more authentic and effective in their lives. 

The Vision

Evergreen Counseling and Wellness, LLC has a vision that everyone has the right and ability to become the best and truest versions of themselves. I want to contribute to, and be a part of, the journey, helping people heal and grow in their own lives and seeking to create a healthier future for everyone.

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